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Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society: Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 2013

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Table of Contents 
Pierre Mollier
Princesses of the Blood and Sisters in Masonry: The Duchesse de Chartres, the Duchesse de Bourbon and the Princesse de Lamball
Janet Burke
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.2.1
The Masonic Degree of Rose-Croix and Christianity: The Complex Links between Religion and Freemasonry during the Enlightenment
Emanuela Locci
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.2.2
“Livella” Conquers the Mediterranean Region: History of Italian Freemasonry in Egypt
Pierre Mollier
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.2.3
Juan Gris, from the Studio to the Lodge: Art and Freemasonry in Paris’ 1920
Pascal Bajou
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.2.4
Anti-Masonry and Anti-Semitism in 1930s France
André Combes
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.2.5
Research Note: Address to the 2002 California Masonic Symposium
Alain Bauer
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.2.6